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Suno was formed in 2008 by Max Osterweis after more than a decade of collecting textiles in visits to Kenya. The prospect that Kenya's recent post election turmoil might keep foreigners from visiting or investing in a country overflowing with natural resources, talent, and good will became the catalyst to actually do something with those collected fabrics. Building a successful and visible company that employs local Kenyan talent, treats workers fairly, and showcases some of Kenya's artistry, could potentially affect positive and lasting social and economic change. The design and development for Suno takes place in New York City, employing skilled sample and pattern makers in New York City's Garment District. The majority of the collection is then produced in Kenya with tailors who, although already quite skilled, also receive regular training by expert tailors brought in by Suno. Suno's dedication to developing a sustainable and socially responsible business is not limited t o our work in Kenya. Currently we do at least 70% of our production in Kenya, all our beaded and embroidered work happens in India, and we also produce a handful of pieces in NYC with our sample factory in the Garment District. The workshop we work with in India hires people from all over India - celebrating, embracing, and preserving their unique cultural tradition. We are proud of our partnerships with our manufacturers who all share our goal of making quality and luxury in a socially responsible way.

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