Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton
Triennale Cadorna of Milan
22 September / 9 October


Spring / Summer 2012


I have always loved Acne.
After this runway I love it more and more.

Orange, colour that I hate, matches with blue, white and black... it is a different thing.
Thank you Acne, because you have changed my ideas about the colours.
Spring / Summer 2012


Questa settimana Massimo si è laureato.
La data e il risultato sono stati gli stessi dei miei.

22 Settembre


Quanto amore! Vero?!

Gli ho fatto alcuni regali.
Questa cornice è un assaggio!
(guarda bene, ci siamo tutti e due ;))


London FW at Dover Street Market

Dear Friends of DSM,

We are pleased to celebrate London Fashion Week with a host of new deliveries and exclusive labels. Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe have seen many new items arrive in store, as well as new Autumn Winter CDG Black and Junya Watanabe MAN Pink.

The Ship of Fools, our window installation by Matt Clark, which we have had for the past few weeks, is finally setting sail and will be replaced by Artek and their Bright Therapy Lounge, which promises to make you smile, through the use of light therapy. “The Launch of White” featuring the White Collection by Ville Kokkonen will be arriving on Monday 19th September, so please come and have a look.

Finally, don’t forget we are now open on Sundays with Rose Bakery offering a special menu which includes smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, pancakes with banana and maple syrup, muesli with fresh berries and more.



THOM BROWNE / Womenswear 2012


Performance and spectacle were central to the designer's 1920s cocktail party inspired collection, littered with sharp tailoring and never-ending sleeves.

True to form, Thom Browne put on yet another of his spectacular shows on Monday afternoon. As much a performance as a catwalk show, Browne had rented out a room in the New York Library again and had his models play out a cocktail party from the 1920s. But with all the cheek kissing, loud music and chit chat, it could have been any contemporary fashion party! The girls started out in predominately grey tailoring, but soon Browne changed gear and brought out jackers with head high shoulders, coats with floor long lapels. never-ending sleeves, duck necklaces and tulip tops. As the girls worked the room, talking to each other, we just couldn't stop staring. There was so many details to take in. Not all of them were exaggerated and OTT... Browne also just a great seersucker fabric for shorts, showed a sleeveless camel cashmere coat, added a bit of colour through yellow stripes and check patterns, and a great cropped bomber jacket.

Dazed Digital: What was your starting point this time around?
Thom Browne: 1920s, film noir, silent movies. These were the inspiration for some of the more surreal, rather than realistic, aspects of the collection. That all played into the proportions of the clothing.

DD: Yeah, there were oversized collars, extra long sleeves etc...
Thom Browne: Yeah, I mean that's what I like to do, I like to exaggerate. For me these shows are about heightening the experience.

DD: Where does the duck fit into all of this?
Thom Browne: That was just a funny thing... didn't have anything to do any of it really!

DD: And then there was the the tulip flower of course...
Thom Browne: Yeah that was playing with bustiers from the 20s!

DD: Is there a piece in the collection that sums it up?
Thom Browne: The first suit with the flared and pleated shorts. I love tailoring for girls, but making sure it looks sexy on them!


Preen By Thornton Breagazzi
Spring / Summer 2012